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Dear Diary, President-elect Barack Obama’s inaugural poem wasn’t on my mind.  Because, since Election Day 2008, I have focused on creating Presidential Poetic Portraits and visual poetry to honor President George W. Bush and Barack Obama.  Much to my surprise, I wrote and sculpted a visual poem, an inaugural poem; The Torch Bearer of Change. Now, I think I’ll retire my writing hand until spring; unless David Letterman requests me to showcase my visual poems on the Late Show.  David Letterman, you will decide whether or not, my creativity shines during the next four months.       


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Day 32 – Dear Diary; I surprised myself and spent almost every day since Election Day 2008 relentlessly writing and sculpting.  And, voila’, Mission: Accomplished, I have completed Presidential Poetic Portraits and Visual Poetry to honor President-elect Barack Obama and President George W. Bush.  Now, it’s time for a much needed vacation. 

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