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Visual Poet Says: “2012 Presidential candidates consider the President of the United States job description; if you do not qualify, do not, apply”.

Yes, 2012 Presidential candidates are applying for the most powerful job on Earth.  But, do their résumés reflect proven chief officer experience Americans can depend upon.  It would be neglectful if we fail to require written, detailed, factual résumés with bona fide references.  Americans must demand résumés that indicate genuine jobs held by 2012 Presidential candidates with proficient, complex executive skills and advanced levels of financial and economic literacy.  Certainly, 2012 Presidential candidates must have résumés that reflect ingenious diplomacy, fortitude and amiable assertiveness, etc. 

Consider this; in the real world, one cannot apply for demanding jobs without providing a history of hands on experience, references, adhere to a drug screen and agree to extensive background checks.  One cannot obtain a job by spouting promises and memorable phrases, posturing, smiling and kissing babies.  If the job of President of the United States is taken seriously; authentic experience will dictate rather than bulging treasure chests of money.  Americans must use discretion and only accept résumés of 2012 Presidential candidates indicative of a future Commander-in-Chief.


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Visual Poet Says:  As I launch my 2012 Presidential Campaign; Visual Poet Says series, I remind all Americans to be leery of campaign slogans.  For, carefully crafted rhetoric has never been an indicator of an effective, decisive President of the United States, Commander-in-Chief. 

Tick-tock, tick-tock

Listen to the clock

Time will forever and always reveal it all

No matter attempts to stall

Revelation is destined to billow tall

Tick-tock, tick-tock

Listen to the clock

If ears and hearts are positioned to accept what is true

Then, one can embrace reality’s overview

When time is used wisely, no one will be lead astray

And, each will be able to anticipate a brighter day


Copyright by Deborah Young, Visual Poet

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Visual Poet Says:  Take time to research, listen attentively and pray earnestly before electing the next President of the United States; be it a Democrat or Republican.

I am launching the 2012 Presidential Campaign; Visual Poet Says series to highlight the importance of the most powerful job in the world.  My 2012 Presidential Campaign is not aimed at running for the office of President of the United States.  Nor is my 2012 presidential campaign geared to discredit, promote any Democrat or Republican candidate.  Instead, my 2012 Presidential Campaign is designed to encourage Americans to make informed decisions when voting in 2012.  For, the United States requires the Candidate with the Right Stuff to effectively address the issues; economic recovery, the national debt, jobs, Medicare, Social Security, our crumbling infrastructure, etc.   

Yes, the 2012 presidential candidates are gearing up.  But, Americans, this time, let’s do something different; avoid accepting the promises of candidates and photo opts as the makings of a great leader.  Americans, let us pledge to hold each candidate accountable and do not overlook obvious red flags.

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