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The President of the United States is the most powerful job on Earth.  Therefore, I believe anyone vying for the job must possess bona fide experience reflecting complex executive skills, advanced levels of financial / economic literacy, diplomacy, audacity, confidence, fortitude and assertiveness.


So, 2012 Presidential candidates I ask you; what proven Chief Executive Officer experience do you have that qualifies you to become President of the United States?


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On this day, I honor the birthday of the world’s best mother, my mother; Theron Payne Young.


Momma, it would’ve been, your day

On the ninth of September

We would’ve been on our way

Viewin’ the EiffelTower

Strollin’ down Broadway

Cruisin’ to Jamaica

Listenin’ to calypso play

We, sho’ ‘nuf, would’ve celebrated

Your birth of yesterday


Copyright Deborah Young

An excerpt from Your Day


Momma, I remember you

Just, as if, it were yesterday

You had such a loving, gentle, caring way

You made sure each of us kids were always spic and span

We were made to feel like princesses and princes in a fairyland

All, because of your unique, creative sewing hand


Momma, I remember, you

For every birthday, a delightfully, delicious cake, you would bake

To you, everybody’s date of birth was a reason for celebration’s worth

For any and every fall

You were there with aid and on God, you always, did call

For each and every fear, you had a funny, funny cheer

For every flower, you gave a big hug and a kiss, full of encouraging power

For every injustice, you meekly stood in defense, ever so tall

And, in a lady like manner, you put a stop to it, once and for all

Momma, I remember, you

Not one of us, your love, did we ever, doubt

You, most definitely set a sterling example of a mother, considerate and devout


Copyright Deborah Young

An excerpt from Momma, Theron Payne Young

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Visual Poet Says:  Americans, avoid supporting 2012 Presidential Candidates with personality reeking of thinking errors.

The job of President of the United States requires a level headed, well adjusted, fair minded individual with advanced executive skills.  If the personality of any 2012 presidential candidates reeks of thinking errors, they do not qualify, so they must not apply.  These thinking errors should not be prominent in 2012 Presidential candidates and certainly must not find a home in the White House; Blaming, Radical Rhetoric, Feeling Special, Polarized Posturing, Deceiving, Locked and Loaded Loud-Mouthing, Sidestepping, Downplaying, Making Excuses, Jumping to Conclusions, Acting Helpless, Overreacting.  Americans must require, assure that only the best suited individuals seek and ultimately obtain the Commander-in-Chief seat.

My 2012 Presidential Campaign is irrefutably inspired by all Americans, United States Welfare, Economic Recovery, Homeland Security, National Debt, Jobs, Crumbling Infrastructure, Middle Class, Seniors, Baby Boomers, Military Service Members and Future Generations

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Visual Poet Says:  Americans; let us pledge to hold each candidate accountable and do not overlook obvious red flags. 

I genuinely respect the office of the President of theUnited States.  Therefore, I, Visual Poet, Deborah Young launch 2012 Presidential Campaign to highlight the importance of the most powerful job in the world.  For a little over a decade, I have objectively honored the outgoing and incoming United States President with Presidential Tributes; Poetic Portraits and visual poems.  Therefore, I believe I am the ideal candidate to launch this unique 2012 Presidential Campaign.

My 2012 Presidential Campaign is not aimed at running for the office of President of theUnited States.  Nor is the 2012 presidential campaign geared to discredit or promote candidates of any political party.  Instead, my 2012 Presidential Campaign is designed to encourage Americans to make informed decisions when voting in 2012.  For, theUnited Statesrequires a candidate with the right stuff to effectively address current issues; economic recovery, the national debt, jobs, Medicare, Social Security, our crumbling infrastructure, etc., etc., etc.   

It is obvious that the 2012 presidential candidates are gearing up for a fierce battle for the Whitehouse.  So, I encourage all Americans to do something different; avoid accepting the promises of candidates and photo opts as the makings of a great leader. 

Americans; I implore you to take time to research, listen attentively and pray earnestly before electing the next President of the United States; be it a Democrat or Republican.

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