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On this day, I honor the birthday of the world’s best mother, my mother; Theron Payne Young.


Momma, it would’ve been, your day

On the ninth of September

We would’ve been on our way

Viewin’ the EiffelTower

Strollin’ down Broadway

Cruisin’ to Jamaica

Listenin’ to calypso play

We, sho’ ‘nuf, would’ve celebrated

Your birth of yesterday


Copyright Deborah Young

An excerpt from Your Day


Momma, I remember you

Just, as if, it were yesterday

You had such a loving, gentle, caring way

You made sure each of us kids were always spic and span

We were made to feel like princesses and princes in a fairyland

All, because of your unique, creative sewing hand


Momma, I remember, you

For every birthday, a delightfully, delicious cake, you would bake

To you, everybody’s date of birth was a reason for celebration’s worth

For any and every fall

You were there with aid and on God, you always, did call

For each and every fear, you had a funny, funny cheer

For every flower, you gave a big hug and a kiss, full of encouraging power

For every injustice, you meekly stood in defense, ever so tall

And, in a lady like manner, you put a stop to it, once and for all

Momma, I remember, you

Not one of us, your love, did we ever, doubt

You, most definitely set a sterling example of a mother, considerate and devout


Copyright Deborah Young

An excerpt from Momma, Theron Payne Young


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After a series of unexpected events interrupted my latest visual poetry exhibition; I decided to upload a YouTube video; Military Tributes.  The Military Tributes includes an exhibit of visual poems to honor the entire military; United States Army, United States Navy, United States Air Force, United States Marine Corps, United States Coast Guard and United States National Guard.  YouTube was launched May 2005; now May 2010 will be the anniversary of my first You Tube video.

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As the family holiday festivities revved up, we were struck with devastatingly heartbreaking news.  Lonnie Lee Young, one of the Natchez Eight Baby Boomer Siblings, died suddenly during Christmas 2009.  Lonnie was the famed South Natchez-Adams High School track star whose sprinting abilities earned him a scholarship to Jackson State University.  Lonnie was a gifted mathematician and a jack of all trades.  Lonnie was the brother who made earnest efforts to protect his sisters from undesirable suitors.  Lonnie was a consummate dreamer; the man who was a compassionate friend to strangers and could never say no.  The poem “Lonnie Lee Young; Sho’‘Nuf, We’ll Miss You” honors the life and legacy of Lonnie Lee Young.  We’ll miss Lonnie’s witty stories that erased feelings so blue.  Definitely, we’ll miss Lonnie’s unique talents, so honest and true.  Sho’ ‘nuf, we’ll miss you, Lonnie; yes, we’ll miss, you. 

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The December 4, 2009 historic snowfall in Houston inspired and reminded me that life is full of delightful surprises.  As I drove in the refreshing snowfall, I concluded that opportunities to enjoy simple pleasures are oftentimes rare.  As a result, I have decided to offer poetry and art lovers a unique opportunity to experience one of life’s artistic pleasures; visual poetry.   Therefore, beginning January 2010, United States cities will be offered a chance to host Reality, Per Se; An Exhibition of Visual Poetry.

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Several years ago, I was fortunate to meet numerous Negro League players in Secaucus, New Jersey.  I was in baseball heaven; all of the players were ever so accommodating and genuinely humble.  For years I had seen pictures of Negro League baseball players.  Then, during one fall weekend, I not only met and took pictures of countless number of Negro league players, but also Lionel Hampton.  My time with those incredible players of the Negro Leagues inspired the Players of Valor, the Negro Baseball Leagues poem and visual poetry.

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I am appalled to know that Houston, Texas ranks the lowest on the list for responsible pet poop scooping in the United States.  On any given day I see numerous proud pet owners walking their meticulously trimmed and leashed pals allowing them to drop piles of poop.  I have yet to have seen one Houston pet owner scoop their pets poop; instead they praise their pets as they walk away.  I am challenging Houstonians to seriously take the Poop Scoop Pledge.  Houstonians when you walk here and there with your best pal, proudly carry a scooper to remove all residual.  Houstonians, don’t allow your neighborhood duty to go awry, many can be harmed by the fecal bacteria group.  So, when pal squats to drop piles of poop, quickly remove it with a clean swoop.

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Well, circumstances have delayed the visual poetry exhibition, for now.  But, I have begun the writing phase to pay the utmost tribute to my heroes; the Deacons for Defense and Justice, especially the Natchez Mississippi chapter. And, very soon I will carefully sculpt an awesome visual poem to honor those valiantly determined men of the Civil Rights Movement, the Deacons. 

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