Visual Poet Says:  Take time to research, listen attentively and pray earnestly before electing the next President of the United States; be it a Democrat or Republican.

I am launching the 2012 Presidential Campaign; Visual Poet Says series to highlight the importance of the most powerful job in the world.  My 2012 Presidential Campaign is not aimed at running for the office of President of the United States.  Nor is my 2012 presidential campaign geared to discredit, promote any Democrat or Republican candidate.  Instead, my 2012 Presidential Campaign is designed to encourage Americans to make informed decisions when voting in 2012.  For, the United States requires the Candidate with the Right Stuff to effectively address the issues; economic recovery, the national debt, jobs, Medicare, Social Security, our crumbling infrastructure, etc.   

Yes, the 2012 presidential candidates are gearing up.  But, Americans, this time, let’s do something different; avoid accepting the promises of candidates and photo opts as the makings of a great leader.  Americans, let us pledge to hold each candidate accountable and do not overlook obvious red flags.


After a series of unexpected events interrupted my latest visual poetry exhibition; I decided to upload a YouTube video; Military Tributes.  The Military Tributes includes an exhibit of visual poems to honor the entire military; United States Army, United States Navy, United States Air Force, United States Marine Corps, United States Coast Guard and United States National Guard.  YouTube was launched May 2005; now May 2010 will be the anniversary of my first You Tube video.

I am anxiously awaiting the construction of America’s leading poetry center; the Poetry Foundation building.  I am impressed that the pharmaceutical heiress Ruth Lilly’s generous donation has set this event in motion even though her submitted poems were never published in the Poetry Magazine.  I hope the Poetry Foundation is truly as generous as Ruth Lilly by affording all poets an opportunity to expose their poetic skills in grand style in the new Poetry Center.  For, by including unknown and novice poets, writers; the Poetry Foundation would be displaying the utmost respect for Ruth Lilly’s concern for those poets, writers who are lacking an appreciative audience.

March is always recognized as National Professional Social Work Month.  But, I believe it is befitting to honor professional Social Workers every day of the year.  For, Social Workers are oftentimes on the frontlines of every critical incident.  Social Workers develop, support and deliver responsive programs.  I have written the Social Workers Creed poem, visual poetry to honor Social Workers who consistently abide by the Social Workers Code of Conduct and National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics.

As the family holiday festivities revved up, we were struck with devastatingly heartbreaking news.  Lonnie Lee Young, one of the Natchez Eight Baby Boomer Siblings, died suddenly during Christmas 2009.  Lonnie was the famed South Natchez-Adams High School track star whose sprinting abilities earned him a scholarship to Jackson State University.  Lonnie was a gifted mathematician and a jack of all trades.  Lonnie was the brother who made earnest efforts to protect his sisters from undesirable suitors.  Lonnie was a consummate dreamer; the man who was a compassionate friend to strangers and could never say no.  The poem “Lonnie Lee Young; Sho’‘Nuf, We’ll Miss You” honors the life and legacy of Lonnie Lee Young.  We’ll miss Lonnie’s witty stories that erased feelings so blue.  Definitely, we’ll miss Lonnie’s unique talents, so honest and true.  Sho’ ‘nuf, we’ll miss you, Lonnie; yes, we’ll miss, you. 

This Christmas, I wrote a children’s story, The Christmas Wonderland at the Natchez IP, to honor the Natchez International Paper Company Christmas displays.   For many years, the Natchez IP Christmas displays always made the Christmas season delightfully magical.  Years ago, the International Paper Company was closed and the displays were removed.  To this day, whenever I see Christmas decorations I fondly recall the Natchez IP displays and the long lines of cars waiting to experience those entertaining holiday scenes.         
The December 4, 2009 historic snowfall in Houston inspired and reminded me that life is full of delightful surprises.  As I drove in the refreshing snowfall, I concluded that opportunities to enjoy simple pleasures are oftentimes rare.  As a result, I have decided to offer poetry and art lovers a unique opportunity to experience one of life’s artistic pleasures; visual poetry.   Therefore, beginning January 2010, United States cities will be offered a chance to host Reality, Per Se; An Exhibition of Visual Poetry.